Not Sure If You Are Ready to See a Couples Counselor Yet?

Not Sure If You Are Ready to See a Couples Counselor Yet?  

What You Can Try Before Visiting a Couple Counseling Therapy Service

As human beings, we are all full of misconceptions and imperfections. Almost everyone has been hurt in some way, which will impact on how we relate to our relationships. Even though it is easy to identify traits which are not desirable in our partners, it is ironic that the longer partners are together the closer they will get to one another, and, the more they tend to ignore negative characteristics. However, this is not always the case. When a couple decides to book

couple counseling therapy service

, they are usually full of complaints about their respective partners.

The difficulties and dynamics which have become so complex are often hard to sort through. However, the chances are, that in many cases, both parties are right and wrong at the same time. The easiest piece of advice to follow is to stop playing the “he said she said

game“, and start taking responsibility for your own actions. To be able to resolve real issues, it will be helpful to abandon the case you both have been building, and address your part of the problem, after which you need to start with a clean slate.

When you are in a vulnerable position, it is more likely that you will eventually achieve what you want. After you have taken note of the

recurring patterns in your reactions, you are in a better position to start piecing together what is familiar from your past. You can then start to ask yourself whether you’re projecting or replaying a dynamic which is familiar to you from your childhood.

Even though it does not seem obvious, taking a closer look will make connections with the dynamic of your relationship and what happened to you in your childhood. The culture of the family as you were growing up does greatly affect you when you become an adult.

If you and your partner are looking for a

couple counseling therapy service

, then please do not hesitate to contact Sally Leboy Individual and Couple's Counselor in San Diego, CA now at (619) 345-3797.