Is Your Family Slightly Unconventional?

Is Your Family Slightly Unconventional?  

What Are the Different Kinds of Family Counseling Therapy Approaches?

Family counseling therapy

brings about change by helping families understand why they act the way they do. It analyzes why someone behaves the way they do


a particular situation and teaches them different ways to act. A solution-based approach tries to help families to create goals for change, however, the narrative approach is aimed at improving self-image. Behavioral therapy focuses on reinforcing positive behavior in order to resolve problems and improve communication.

During solution-based therapy, the therapist will help their client change their perception of how change actually happens. They will also point out how issues were addressed previously, and encourage their client to recognize why this failed. They could ask their client to remember a time when something they did worked and find out why it was so successful. Family therapy often breaks down problems into segments in order to bring about change.


family counseling therapy

focuses on reinforcing behavior in order to improve communication within the family unit, instead of focusing on all the negative acts. This method works on the principle that actions are learned responses taken from previous experiences. Therapists use this kind of counseling to encourage families to focus on the present and not in the past. Families could also learn ways to use positive attitudes to achieve any conflicted resolutions. Narrative family therapy changes a client’s negative thinking which could result in them internalizing their problems.

By changing a person self-image and how they perceive life, negativity will be reduced. A therapist regularly uses examples of their client’s strengths and positive attributes in order to help them recognize how their thoughts may benefit individuals.

So if you or your family are going through some problems and see


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