Is Therapy Right for Me?

Is Therapy Right for Me?  

Factors to Consider before Going to an Individual Counseling Service Provider

First, let me start by saying that every person can benefit from counseling. You don’t have to be sick or suffer from some disorder to go to therapy. Counseling can help with all sorts of situations, starting from stress and depression and culminating with addiction and other serious problems. However, people who have never been to counseling are always reluctant to the idea of sharing personal stuff with an individual counseling service provider. But this is where this post comes into play. I will try to answer some of the most common questions people ask themselves before going to a therapist.

What happens during a counseling session?

Typically, you will meet with a professional therapist for about 45 minutes at the same time once a week. During these meetings, you will discuss your problems, concerns, and feelings with your counselor. The main goal of these meetings is to learn about your patterns and habits of feeling and behavior. Once the underlying problems are revealed, your counselor will try to help you learn new patterns and habits which will be more successful to you. Needless to say that everything you say during these meeting is confined between the strict laws of doctor-patient confidentiality.

How to choose between group and individual counseling?

There are pros and cons on both approaches. During individual counseling, the therapist’s full attention is directed to you, while in group counseling sessions, the therapist has to provide the same level of attention to all members of the group. Sometimes, going to group therapy may make you realize that you’re not the only person in the world that is having problems. However, since group therapy features a more open environment, many people don’t have the courage to open themselves as easy as they would in individual counseling.

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