Am I Depressed Again?

Am I Depressed Again?  

Individual Counseling Therapy Helps Alleviate the Causes of Depression!

We all like to say that life has its ups and downs. And while that is absolutely true, people react to the factors around them differently. According to many, depression is a temporary condition that doesn’t deserve attention and it will go away over time. Many individuals associate it with just being sad, silent, and thoughtful. However, they are wrong. Individual counseling therapy experts warn this is a pretty serious state of mind that needs careful treatment. What causes us to get depressed in the first place?

  • Biology; Did you know that some people are more prone to get anxious and depressed than others? This is due to their genetics and biology. If you have parents or siblings that are often in that condition, chances are you will go there from time to time too.

  • Brain chemistry disturbance; Studies show that depression could be caused by a brain chemistry imbalance as well. This is why it often interferes with our mood. Imbalances in the neurotransmitters lead to a disturbance in our mood and state of mind.

  • Female sex hormones; Many like to say that females are more vulnerable to frowning and crying all the time. That could be because of the flux of female sex hormones. It is also believed that women become more sensitive around their menstrual periods, after childbirth, or when in a perimenopausal state.

  • Poor diet; Consuming foods with poor nutrition can lead to depression peaks too. The lack of vitamins and minerals in your body can cause those symptoms. Scientists believe that the absence of Omega-3 and Оmega-6 in your diet can lead to periods of a total lack of mood and energy.

  • Physical issues; Some people suffer serious physical health problems. But they can lead to problems in your mental health as well. Some illnesses cause depression in two ways – by the stress of fighting a serious health issue and a thyroid disorder can trigger those dark periods too.

If you feel like the most lonely person in the world and can’t find a way to escape your dark thoughts, Sally Leboy Individual and Couple's Counselor can help you gain your self-confidence again. If you live in San Diego, CA and need professional individual counseling therapy, do not hesitate and call us at (619) 345-3797 now.